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Why can’t I borrow more, even though the interest rate has dropped?


One question we have been getting asked is “why can’t I borrow more, page even though the interest rate has dropped?”
Lenders have always assessed the capacity to borrow on a benchmark rate. This means that even though the rate may only be 4%pa, purchase the bank will add a buffer rate to this and then rework repayments and servicing of the loan on the higher amount. This will provide peace of mind for the bank and yourself, no rx that you are capable of maintaining the repayments even if the rates increase over time.

In the past, the benchmark rate has also buy clonazepam 2mg online reduced when rates change, but what we are finding now is that the benchmark is more aligned to economic costs of living and hence do not drop at the same time or rate as the standard variable home loan interest rate. This is why the maximum borrowing amount will not change, even though the rate has dropped.

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